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Where we motivate women and make men smile!!  This year we are all purring about Quantum Leap Farm!

On our prowls we found QLF and decided they are deserving of the communities’ help in their endeavors to help people of all ages and abilities to grow strong, achieve goals, and overcome challenges by engaging them with horses!

Wow, coordinating many schedules again at a frenzied pace!   Kathleen, 12 calendar women, 1 photographer, 1  hair/makeup artist, 2 car owners,  all working together, donating our time and talents to completing the 2013 charity calendar!  The weather has been moody and photo shoots had to be rescheduled!


Start time, May 2009 Judy Barrows has the idea of creating a community based charity calendar for Clearwater Beach, enlisting the help of Kathleen Slaven.  They advertised looking for women over 40, residing in the Clearwater Bay area, who took pride in their appearance, and wanted to give back to the community.  The response over the years has been amazing!  These charity calendar projects are done on a voluntary basis!!  How marvelous is that?!

Definition of a Real Cougar

  • A woman who isn’t afraid to knock down walls and crash through glass ceilings.
  • A woman who has gotten over listening to what other people think.
  • A woman who puts her own financial freedom high on her priority list.
  • A woman who knows how to keep her body healthy, her beauty radiant and her spiritual reservoir full.

This is the time to let go of your preconceived notions about aging and beauty, about strength and relationships, and give yourself permission to explore all of your possibilities. Start living the life you deserve!

Every woman has a Real Cougar inside just waiting to be released—a woman who is strong, confident, independent, sexy and proud to be past the age of forty.

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